Climate Capital announces partnership with Oxamii

Climate Capital announces partnership with Oxamii

July 22, 2020

Climate Capital partners with Oxamii to reduce electricity costs for local communities

Hobart, TAS – Leading renewables project investor, Climate Capital announced today that it is partnering with clean-tech pioneer, Oxamii as part of a joint mission to provide communities with clean, renewable energy.

Climate Capital invests alongside its corporate shareholders in 1 to 10 MW renewable projects (solar, wind and hydro) around Australia, with a focus on behind-the-meter and synthetic electricity offtakes with corporate counterparties. The company partners with developers and businesses to provide smart, fit-for-purpose renewable energy solutions that supports meaningful social and environmental change for communities.

Oxamii is a social enterprise born to meet the ever-increasing demand for renewable energy with its decentralised smart grid making it simple for consumers to choose where they want their electricity to come from.

Launched in January 2020, the company is seeking to build a national footprint of generators, customers and partners to enable a “People’s Grid” and power change in the energy market.

The partnership allows Climate Capital to build, own and operate projects with excess generation capacity for the direct benefit of the local communities they serve via a simple, online matching and billing service powered by Oxamii.

“Oxamii has built and launched a dual-sided marketplace in which consumers can source their electricity supply from a range of renewable generators based on competitive price, shared values and affinities plus supporting their local communities,” said Climate Capital’s CEO, Shane Bartel. “By partnering with Oxamii on our projects, Climate Capital can offer a reduction in electricity costs for local residents and community groups that choose to purchase locally generated renewable electricity.”

Together, the companies are dedicated to providing and supporting electricity sourced from renewable generation that serves people, businesses and activities within communities large and small.

“There is a real shift in the electricity market,” said Oxamii’s CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Yew. “We are moving away from large, utility-scale projects towards smaller projects located close to communities. We are delighted to be working with Climate Capital who share our values and are committed to enabling renewable electricity to be more accessible to Australian households and businesses.”

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