Partner with us

Partner with us

We are currently looking for strategic project investments which meet our investing requirements and where we can add value and support vendors in the delivery of projects.

Climate Capital is experienced in structuring mutually-beneficial partnership and pipeline investments and power purchase agreements with corporate advisors, project developers and corporate customers. 

If you would like to speak with us about your project, please email our CEO at

Investing criteria


1MW – 10MW in capacity (solar PV). Larger projects or portfolios considered where a corporate offtaker has been identified for part or all project output (solar and wind).


The opportunity to sell the power generated under a long-term power purchase agreement to a corporate offtaker either directly or via a swap arrangement.


Projects that meet Climate Capital’s overall counterparty sector and geographic diversification requirements all major energy networks in Australia.

Climate Capital project partners

  • Corporate customers

    Corporate customers with multi-megawatt energy loads which are constant or coincide with peak pricing periods can benefit from renewable energy procurement programs to offset energy, network and environmental costs. Climate Capital’s team are expertly placed to assist in the delivery and financing of projects.
  • Project developers

    Climate Capital’s own development experience means it understands the development model and economic drivers. Climate Capital is well-placed to be a provider of pre-financial close capital and assist developers in the delivery of projects and portfolios.
  • Land owners

    Renewable energy projects can present attractive, long-term passive income streams to land owners located near favourable resources and connection points. Climate Capital has a combined experience in excess of 30 years liaising with landowners to deliver optimum project outcomes.